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Here is my family – Shigekawa’s in 1944

My Dad – Kiyoshi,  holding me.

Mom – Misako and brother – Gerald.  My mother

always wanted us to look “presentable” and was

fashionable even in “camp.”


My Uncle Hideo (Homer) Shigekawa is on the

far left with his Army buddies.

Homer Shigkeawa 3

Final Film Shooting at Aratani Theater in LA

                  PRODUCTION TEAM

Back row:  Sean Dolan, Videographer; Joe Fox, Director;

James Nubile, Director of Photograpy; Sam Katay, Theater Setting Director

Front Row:  Bekhah Richin; Production Assistant;

Marlene Shigekawa, Executive Producer; Linda Todd, Make-up.


Production in Los Angeles

Filmmaker, Joe Fox, and cinematographer, Sean Dolan, traveled to Los Angeles in August 2014  to film Alan Nishio, whose family was incarcerated at the Manzanar confinement site. We visited him at his mother’s home.

Alan and Mom


Kickstarter Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 12.36.59 PM

With generous contributions from all our supporters, we have surpassed our Kickstarter goal and earned $10,603.  Thank you to all those who made a donation either through our Kickstarter campaign or by sending in a check.  We are truly thrilled.  This means we are well on our way to completing our film.  Currently, the expected release date is June 2015.  Stay tuned.

Filming a Family Reunion in Minnesota

Diana McCabe, a newspaper journalist in San Diego, California, organized a family reunion in Minnesota.  Joe Fox was present as Diana asked questions of here mother and all her relatives.