Filming a Family Reunion in Minnesota

Diana McCabe, a newspaper journalist in San Diego, California, organized a family reunion in Minnesota.  Joe Fox was present as Diana asked questions of here mother and all her relatives.

Remembering Mom

We were able to capture the stories of Misako Shigekawa before she passed away on October 31, 2012.  I feel deep gratitude for being able to hear her words as she shared her feelings about her incarceration experience.  I also was able to see how truly courageous she and other mothers were.


Interviewing in Los Angeles

The words of those who were or whose families were incarcerated will touch the hearts of all Americans .  It is such a privilege to bear witness to these revealing experience.  We are thankful for those who are brave and generous in spirit to share with us.

Manzanar Pilgrimage – April 2014

It was breathtaking to experience Taiko drumming as part of the opening ceremonies at the Manzanar Pilgrimage. Our filmmakers, Joe Fox and James Nubile, and I drove from Los Angeles and were exposed to the cold, bitter winds and couldn’t imagine how those incarcerated here could endure the cold in this remote, desolate place.